2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Ideas for Him and Her

December 03, 2014

2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Ideas for Him and Her

Holiday season is officially here, and that means time for family, cheers and shopping! Whether you’re looking to splurge on something special for yourself, or find that perfect gift for a loved one, our 2014 holiday gift buying guide has you covered.  
We’ve selected our favorite clothing and accessories to save you a little stress this year. Including both smaller stocking stuffers and bigger gifts, here are some great 2014 holiday gift ideas:

For Her

Stocking Stuffers

Our customers just love Hanky Panky. Their bralettes, boy shorts, and thongs have it all: comfort, perfect amount of stretch, softness, and fit. Hanky Panky’s cute, sexy, and comfortable pieces come in a variety of colors, including fun bright neons.

CB I Hate Perfumes:
Designer Christopher Brosius provides the namesake for CB perfumes, and he explores “perfume” from a unique point of view. There’s a reason that their materials put scare-quotes around “perfume” and they announce their hatred of traditional bottled scents in the name. These “perfumes,” don’t just smell appealing--though they do. Their unique scents aim to enhance moods or trigger a memory. With names like “Winter 1972,” “Burning Leaves,” or “Just Breath,” these special scents evoke something much deeper than you’ll find in any traditional bottle of perfume.

We now carry the much sought-after 30 ML size, as opposed to the 100ML, which can only be purchased in the store (not online). Scents are Unisex.


Cleobella bags:
All of Cleobella’s products are beautiful, made to last and hand made in Bali, but it’s the Weekender bags that are the most eye-catching. Weekenders are, in Cleobella’s words, “luxuriously roomy,” and the designs are striking and unique. With limited edition fabrics, each bag tells its own story and limited quantities are made. They’re great overnight bags with bo-ho designs, durable and well constructed. All are trimmed in leather.

France’s Hartford makes modern adaptations of vintage styles. For any ladies who’ve ever wanted to feel like the mysterious heroine of a black-and-white French New Wave film, a Hartford dress will capture that classic, evocative look. Check out their prints and silk dresses for pieces that have a retro twist with European flare.

For Him

Stocking Stuffers

Bixby combs:
Any guy who cares about his hair needs a comb, and it should be a Bixby. These slick, vintage-looking combs are handcrafted, and look like it. They’re made with hypoallergenic articles from zyl, a durable, organic resin. Bixby combs come in solids and tortoise colors--our favorite is the blue tortoise. They come in a cool packaging made with the highest-grade tin.

Bellroy wallets:
A bloated, overstuffed wallet can be both a figurative and literal pain in the posterior. With a Bellroy wallet he’ll never have to deal with that again. Bellroy wallets are made from one piece of leather, to keep the construction and your back pocket compact. These slim, elegant wallets are fashionable and functional. They’re easy on the environment, too: Bellroy makes every piece in adherence to sustainable principles.


Wolverine Boots 1000 Mile Boot:
Made in America, these boots are made to last. The company is currently celebrating its centennial with a re-release of one of Wolverine's first boot designs from the early 20th century. The centennial boot, which won’t be around long, is available in tan or brown.
If tan or brown aren’t to your man’s taste, there’s a wide selection beyond the limited edition. Wolverine Boots look particularly great in cordovan. They’ll last forever through anything, hence the name “1000 Mile,” and you’re not likely to find anything else that’s both this durable and so attractive.

Sage de Cret duffel bag:
Sage de Cret is a Japanese brand that prides itself on applying unique treatments to their material. Their philosophy means that this duffel, which features an original camouflage print, will stand out from any other bag. The bag is constructed with a Jacquard weave, dense wool, and washed fabric. The color is complemented by brown leather contrast straps. Most importantly, it’s durable. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

Vince Clothing:
From big items to small ones, Vince clothing has a bit of everything for the distinguished dresser. The company uses the highest-quality materials and top-notch craftsmanship to make key wardrobe pieces that can be worn anywhere.

Vince clothing is great fit and iconic essentials with a modern and timeless aesthetic. Particularly worth checking out before the holiday season are their button downs and sweaters, in rich neutrals to keep you both warm and stylish this winter.
Whether you’re shopping for him or for her, these are our favorite, unique, and longest-lasting items. And though the holidays are the perfect time to gift something great to the person you love, these are all items that they’ll treasure for years. Is there anything on your list that isn’t on ours? Let us know in the comments below!

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