Designer Spotlight: Mother Denim

December 31, 2014

Mother Denim’s name is short and simple. It’s two perfectly picked words, because one is the thing to which we feel the closest in the world, and the other is a relative. We kid, of course (sorry, mom!), but Mother is making some amazing pieces out of some of the most appealing denim we’ve ever come across. We’re happy to be featuring them as the next entry in our Designer Showcase.

Mother Denim takes their name from a person who’s full of contradictions. Associated with softness and nurturing, being a mother is also tied up with being sexy and capable. The brand name announces a desire to make something that walks this tightrope, balancing numerous seemingly contradictory things while making it look effortless. In all their clothes, they succeed.

Mother is the product of two longtime denim experts, Tim Kaeding and Lela Tillem Becker. Kaeding was the former creative director of Seven For All Mankind and a 14-year veteran of denim design, and though Seven had a lot to offer during Kaeding’s tenure, it’s clear that he kept a lot close to the vest. Now that Kaeding and Tillem Becker have an entire line of their own to play with, they’ve been releasing some of the coolest, most interesting, and best-looking denim on the market.

Not only are Mother Denim jeans that perfect blend of comfortable, durable, and fit like a second skin. It’s worth noting that Mother jeans are all those things, first. What really makes them special is the wide range of rich hues that the line explores. In both classic white and black.

An LA Times piece credits Mother’s line with “rejuvenating” the world of premium denim with their “ultra-covetable” jeans. However, Mother also manages to provide slick and sexy pieces besides trousers. Mother’s skirts and jackets are just as rich in color and form-flattering as their jeans. Their Party 2013 line provides a great look at some of what they do best beyond pants. Their Pixie Skirt, for instance, is a more summery alternative to jeans, and their Patch Looker provides a contemporary take on the classic American denim jacket.

Or see what Mother can do with a denim shirt. Take the Map of True Places, a jean shirt from this year’s Party 2014. The denim is a deep, rich blue. Across the shoulders is a beautiful and intricate stitched pattern of Earth tone shapes, recalling the best of ‘70’s-inspired design. A contemporary cool look rejuvenating a classic style is one of the best way to describe Mother Denim’s style.

This description may ring a bell, because it’s how we and our friends think of Bucks & Does, which makes Mother Denim such a natural fit to be celebrated within our designers showcase. For anyone out there as jean-crazy as us, Mother is going to be a natural place to check out to find the most appealing design. Fortunately, since they’ll make seemingly any article pop with the most attractive, fit, and comfortable material, the sky’s the limit.

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