Bucks & Does Valentine's Day Gift Guide

February 04, 2015

Bucks & Does Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It’s February already, which means that one of our favorite holidays is right around the corner! In honor of Valentine’s Day, some of the folks at Bucks & Does are sharing our Valentine’s Day plans and unique gift ideas.

From Laura:

Jason loves destination gifts so I plan on surprising him with a little 2-day getaway somewhere warm. Of all the places we could go, we love heading off to The Colony in Palm Springs. It's a short drive from LA and the perfect way to re-charge our battery. Palm Springs in February is great because it’s warm, but winter gives their air a crispness that’s really refreshing. It’s our favorite place to decompress for just a couple days, and we always leave feeling rejuvenated. The Colony itself is beautifully located, nestled at the base of the mountains and with all the amenities we’d need for Valentine’s. The spa is a big draw, too.

Our dinner plans will probably be pretty low-key. We love going to Cafe Figaro in Los Feliz for all sorts of holidays, but we always make sure to go on February 14th. It's a French-styled bistro, which has captured the look and feel of a turn-of-the-century Parisian lounge. If you’re looking to get a cool, Moulin Rouge vibe, this is the place. Their pastries are the perfect sweet treat on a special day. It’s charming, and romantic—we love everything about that place. 

Even though we usually try to go somewhere for Valentine’s, I can never resist getting Jason a little something he can hold on to. This year, it’s going to be cufflinks from Giles & Brother. G & B make items or men and women, but their men’s accessories are something else. The cufflinks I have in mind are fashioned in the shape of nuts and bolts—perfectly capturing Jason’s fashion sense as well as his rugged side. If you’re looking for a piece that’s a classy and attractive take on something rough and masculine, Giles & Brother will have it. Their nut and bolt cufflinks, or the cuffs refashioned from railroad spikes, are unique and handsome.

From Damien:

2014 was an amazing year for my love and I: married in July, and we found out we were expecting in September! As happy as the news is, that means this will be the last Valentines Day as just the two of us for a long time. I want to make this holiday special, so this year I’ll be getting my wife a Madre Necklace designed by The Thorny Roses LA. The necklace I chose is 14kt solid gold with a small diamond accent. Of all the necklaces I could’ve picked from, I liked the Madre because it’s distinct, but it’s not too big. Neither of us is into anything too flashy, so the diamond piece manages to look understated but beautiful.

photo credit @ClementineFloralWorks

In order to share such a great gift in a special way, I’ve got something planned with our neighbors over at Clementine Floral Works. If I can be patient enough, I’m going to hide the necklace in one of their floral arrangements. I already know the gold links will look terrific among the fresh green texture of their flowers. We walk past this florist every day, so I know their stuff will be a worthy place for my wife’s gift. Plus, flowers stay good after Valentine’s, so we can enjoy them until March.

photo credit @ElCondorLA

I will give her the arrangement over a romantic dinner at El Condor in Silver Lake. Not only is the atmosphere romantic, but it’s some of the best Mexican food in LA (that’s a big claim, I know!) and they stay open late, so we don’t have to worry about getting kicked out. It’s also in our neighborhood, which is always a treat.

From Jen:

My husband and I like to show our love for one another as much as we can daily but Valentine's Day is a good excuse to throw in a little extra something.  Since we have a young daughter it's easy to get bogged down in being parents, so we will take any excuse to have time together, alone. We will probably keep things really simple this year and sneak out for a date the night before Valentine's or a cozy brunch the day after. Like I said, we try to make every day special, and celebrating a day before or after is an easy way to take a lot of the pressure and hassle off of a holiday.

As for gifts, I’m looking at a pair of black waxed Nudie jeans. Like Laura and Jason, I love jeans, and since they started carrying Nudies at Bucks & Does I’ve fallen in love with this brand. They’re a rare mix of comfortable, durable, and attractive, and worth every penny. Their black waxed jeans are such a deep, rich shade of black that I can’t resist them. They go with everything, and they fit easily into a professional wardrobe so I can wear them for any occasion.

photo credit @18Waits

Along with my perfect jeans, I’m dreaming of a piece from 18 Waits’ jewelry line. Their pieces are all extraordinarily cool—heavily inspired by vintage Americana. Some of the pieces I’m looking at are hand-tarnished silver, with simple and striking images that evoke the Old West. Most of their pieces are rugged and unisex, so I could see my husband stealing it if I’m not careful!

Is there anything that y’all out there have had your eyes on? Let us know what you’re hoping to get this Valentine’s Day in the comments below.

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