A Favorite Print with a Sweet Story

August 01, 2022

A Favorite Print with a Sweet Story

There's a beautiful story behind how our Sita print was designed and developed, and sharing it with our community is the ultimate reward...

When our son Shaun was 7 years old he went through a brief phase, as most kids do, where he became completely fascinated with making paper snowflakes. He would create them and show them to me, each one distinct and entirely different from the next. One afternoon as he was crafting away he brought me one that caught my eye in an offbeat way. There was a uniqueness to this one that made it stand out from the others. It somehow felt modern AND ancient, and very geometric. It reminded me of a sculpture or relic you would find in an antique store. I was immediately drawn to it on an artistic level and wanted to somehow use it in one of our collections. As I was designing the next season's collection it occurred to me that it would be the perfect shape to feature as a batik treatment on one of our chosen fabrics.

The process of batiking is a beautiful one and our factory partner in India happens to specialize in it. When I showed them the original design they instantly knew it could be created for us and stamped it onto our fabric of choice. Batiking follows an ancient, traditional Indian technique of making a mold out of wood and then dipping the mold into wax before it gets stamped onto fabric. Once the fabric is stamped with the design it is then dyed and the wax portion of the print inherently absorbs the color of the dye in a more subtle tone where the relief is left behind. The end result is a textile that is stunningly gorgeous and completely unique.

Coming full circle to this season's Sita group, we are ecstatic to once again feature this near and dear print with additional details that only enhance its special quality even more. The fabric used for this print is a stunning textured cotton seersucker. It's comfortable, breathable, and perfect for those hot summer months all whilst being a perfect transition into fall. Wear now with sandals and later with boots and chunky sweaters. Each style was designed with intention, and we incorporated silhouettes that will hopefully appeal to the variety of personas you each possess. If the print was not already special enough, we also carefully added a whipstitch cotton thread detail to each body, perfectly complimenting and highlighting the beauty of the print and the batik process.

We're so happy to share this beautiful story with you in the form of our Sita group. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



Please note: the Miro Crossback Dress shown here in navy is from a past collection and is no longer available.

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Shaun at age 7

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