Inspired From The Ground Up

March 18, 2022

Inspired From The Ground Up

Shoes have always caught my eye, long before I ever had my own footwear designs within my collections. I remember specifically the first time one pair of shoes sparked a whole new design obsession for me.


It was 2001 and I had just moved out of my childhood home to a 2 bedroom duplex in Korea Town (an area of Los Angeles) with a roommate. Both of us worked in the fashion industry, and being 2 single girls in our early 20’s we were obsessed with clothes and shoes and fashion in general.  

We had this thing called “money club” where her and I and another close friend would rotate lending each other money because we each got paid on separate weeks of the month. It was a brilliant idea and definitely came in handy around the time rent was due. One day, my roommate called me at work (office landline of course because cellphones were barely used back then) to tell me she had stopped by a designer shoe store and chatted up one of the sales people.

Apparently they were about to have a major sale and were letting her “in” on a deal before it was launched to the public. The deal was a great discount on a pair of platform suede covered shoes with a leather bungee cord style upper. They were gorgeous and came in about 4 different colors. Being that I wear a pretty common size she insisted that I go straight to the store after work and ask for her salesperson to buy the shoes. I rushed out of work that day and went right to the store. I saw them, tried them on, and instantly fell in love.   They were beyond perfect in every way.  

The issue now was how I going to pay for them AND make rent that month. Even at a discount they were quite pricey for a young girl supporting herself all on her own. I scraped up every last dime from my bank account and even had to money club my roommate, but I ended up getting them and literally wore them ALL the time until they practically died a few years later. They were probably one of the best fashion investments EVER made.

Flash forward to last Spring when I was coming up with concepts for our Spring 2022 shoes I instantly thought back to those designer shoe days in the early ’00’s and wanted to re-create a version for now. The Sarah platform has a lot of inspiration taken from those coveted designer shoes, but we re-imagined them in a new way. Our Sarah platform features a comfortable platform height covered in suede with a bungee leather cord upper and shiny brass buckle; a true nod to that treasured pair I once had. We have them available in a saddle brown with black contrast that goes with everything in your closet, as well as a beautiful light honey color for those who want something completely neutral. I know you’ll love these as much as I do. They’ll be on my feet all Spring and Summer long!  


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