Gloomy-Day Remedies

October 31, 2014 1 Comment

It takes a while for the chill weather to really settle into Los Angeles; what can we say, we’re a bit spoiled. But nonetheless when it does arrive, we too end up changing with the leaves, the crisp air and darker days. While we start layering our clothes and switching our iced-coffees for warm latte’s, we also find that the change in season affects our mood, and while the sky turns gloom, well sometimes we do too.

Here at Bucks and Does we pride ourselves on being a positive team; so what do WE do when we need to flip our blasé state of mind? Well, here are some of our staff’s favorite practices for brightening up our disposition when the day is grey.

Jason (Owner): When Fall rolls in and I need to give myself a break from the gloomy weather, I go on a motorcycle ride. My go-to-ride is up the 2 freeway, which turns into the scenic route 2. This road features twists along the peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains overlooking the entire Los Angeles basin. The altitude climbs quickly and the views are spectacular. The greatest thing about riding a motorcycle is that I get to see AND smell nature. There is nothing between me, the pines or the rain. On my latest "fall" ride I got a bit rained on, and the smell of the wet pine trees was overwhelming. Being on my bike completely frees me of any stress; the cool breeze on my face, my numb fingers from the cold and melodic notes from the exhaust, put me in a calm like no other. This small window of time fades as the snow rolls in for winter, the temps drop, and I can’t take this ride again until next spring. If you’re ever in the area, check out this route:

Laura (Owner): When Fall weather finally settles in, oftentimes I feel a twinge of nostalgia set in.  I actually welcome the feeling because it reminds me of where I am as I reflect on the past.  Because we have two kids, I have the privilege (insert sarcasm here) of waking up before the sun comes up and the fall mornings are particularly difficult because of this.  My favorite way of shaking off the gloom-day blues is by doing some form of exercise.  Lately I've been loving yoga but my all time favorite form of exercise has and always will be running.  I love stepping out of my front door, putting my headphones on and "tuning out" the world while I listen to my music.  Running always gives me the creative surge I need to get me out of a funk.  I find myself the most creative when I run, and I never regret it once I'm done.  If I'm not running at the reservoir you can also find me charging the hills in Griffith Park.Here is a link of my favorite tunes to run to: Laura's Running List

Damien (Manager):  For me it's the perfect time to reflect on the summer's past and look forward to Fall & Winter's seasonal adventures. Before fall sets in I like to take a long drive, it's my "General Direction Drive", No destination just a, "I'll go that way" attitude. I'll take a few hours to get out of the city and get lost, usually heading in the direction of nature. On my drive, music is my best friend and I always start the drive with some Karaoke favorites. I start belting tunes out as loud as I can (yeah I'm THAT guy). These songs range from the sentimental to the super cheesy.  By the time I'm driving back home, my voice is drained from all the singing and I will usually turn to KCRW to explore newer music. When I get home, my head is clear and I'm ready to take Fall & Winter by storm; carving pumpkins, eating too much turkey, shopping for last minute gifts, and toasting to a New Year.  Below is a playlist of my favorite sing-alongs and current finds, enjoy! Damien's General Direction Playlist

Jenn (Merchandiser): I actually love fall.  I get "fall fever" the way most folks get "spring fever", and I love what little gloom we get for a short period of time here in L.A.  But when I DO start to feel a little something creeping in anytime of the year I like jump in the jeep and head to the desert with my family or occasionally, just my husband; singing along to one of our desert playlists, a sparkle in my eye, and some joy in my heart. Palm Springs is full of fun and relaxation, which is always great, but my true desert love is Joshua Tree.  The High Desert is full of a slower pace and a special primal kind of energy that has a way of permeating everything and recharging me to my core. Plus, we got married there so it carries a little extra magic for us and reminds me what's important.     Jen's Desert Song


Sandra (Customer Service): I love the beginning of Fall because I can finally reach for my cozy scarf and big sweater. I recently discovered my love for baking. I realized that all the measuring and details of baking keeps my mind off things and relaxes me, especially if I'm listening to classic rock. One of my favorite things to do is tackling new recipes; my latest success was baking a version of Sweet Lady Jane's Triple Berry Cake. I don't always succeed in my baking adventures; I recently made a very ugly batch of french macaroons, so I'm going to keep trying until I master them.This is the Triple Berry Cake recipe I recently made: 

Espie (Creative Developer): When the morning arises a little grey and I find myself starting off in a funk, I immediately become aware that I need something to uplift me. One of my favorite things to do is listen to a Ted Talk. If you haven’t already heard of Ted Talks, it’s a conference for new ideas in anything from science to culture. The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways they can. I usually arrive to the office earlier than the rest of the team, so I’ll turn the volume up and listen while I start my daily tasks. Listening to these talks really inspires me and reminds me that great things are happening in the world. It just puts everything back into perspective. This is my all time favorite talk:







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